BELAZ always strives to keep pace with the times. To respond a growing interest from the prospective clients in the Latin America and to ensure a high level of services related to delivery and technical support of BELAZ products, a company BELAZ LATIN AMERICA SpA was established in Chile in October 2017. The principal regions of activity of the company shall be the markets of Chile, Argentina and Peru where the company shall interact with authorized regional representatives and dealers, who are: Chile – Electrans, Peru – CT Power (for more information and contact details please follow the links on the page Partners).

The founder of BELAZ LATIN AMERICA is the Singapore Company  FINMINING PTE. LTD., which is a 100% subsidiary of Belorussian OJSC “BELAZ” and an international financing arm of BELAZ aimed to provide individual financing programs, thus making BELAZ products available to the end users. 

Currently,  Chilean-based BELAZ LATIN AMERICA SpA is the only direct representative of the Belarusian Company BELAZ in Latin America.


Commitment to quality is of high importance in all the aspects of our job, we mean quality of our services, quality of the job done by each individual employee of the company and an overall quality of the products that we offer on the market.

It’s not a piece of news for anyone involved in the mining equipment business that this is a highly competitive marketplace which is subject to many changes and fluctuations and dependent on a lot of factors. To succeed here one must, firstly, like his job. The other “secret” is the quality and we are trying to provide better quality of all the services for our valuable customers.

Personnel. To follow serious tasks, the highly-skilled staff is one of the most concurrent provision. It’s not an exaggeration to say that BELAZ company today is a balanced combination of a long experience in mining equipment business and fresh views and thoughts. We try to maintain a high professional level of our staff and what is not of less importance – to keep our people motivated for development and improvements.

Development. We gained good results during last years but it’s not a good time to stop and enjoy ourselves. One of our basic priorities is a sustainable development and we try to go head in our business. We try to develop both the array of the markets where we operate and the line of the products we offer. We are also focused on development of our sales & service network in terms of quality and geographical presence.

Customers. We appreciate our customers and do our best to allow for their requirements and recommendations. The points of major importance, like selection of optimal specification, optional equipment, payment methods and forms, lead periods, are all subject to careful consideration together with the customer and his interests shall be a fundamental point for that.

Our relationships with the customer do not end with supply of the equipment. Further operation of the fleet, technical back-up, warranty issues or delivery of spare parts are all the questions to solve in close contact with our customers.


The company is manufacturing heavy duty vehicles since 1958 when the first 25t dump truck left the production line. The first machine featuring well-known today off-highway concept was produced in 1961 and marked a difference of haulage technologies for the industry that required durable but productive units. Since then the company moved to 360 and even 450t giants but still proud of its historical product range, which examples are shown here.

Actually, BELAZ makes an every third haul truck produced in the world. The make represents more than 90% of all haul truck fleet in Russia and holds a significant market share in the neighbouring countries. Product line of the commercially available machines includes rigid haul trucks with payload capacity ranging from 30 to 450 t.

The latest addition includes an ultra-class 450t truck (the world’s biggest up-to-date mining truck which successfully finished production testing in Siberian coal mines) and this says enough about the company’ production potential and technological capabilities.

BELAZ as you can know it today is a perfect combination of traditions and technological innovations, which can be seen as a company slogan. BELAZ today is:

– an impressive production area comprising of two assembling lines for different type of vehicles;

– an up-to-date technological equipment which is undergoing a constant modernization;

– more than 10.000 skilled and motivated employees of workers, engineers and administrative staff;

– quality of design, elaboration, production and after-sale service complying with the latest ISO 9000 standards;

– facilities and dedicated personnel for a rigorous testing of new prototypes including an in-house testing ground.

If we have to describe BELAZ in 20 words, we would say: